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Welcome to the website of our law firm Direct-A!

Successful solution of problems that require a delicate intervention of legal experts is only possible as a result of a close collaboration with qualified specialists in jurisprudence.

Law Firm Direct-A is a single legal service area that not only encompasses law-related services but also provides other comprehensive services: registration services, licensing, auditing and accounting services, trademark registration and patenting services, and tax planning services.

Equestrian honour, military responsibility, and individual approach combined with a desire to provide our customers with as much benefit as possible are the groundwork of corporate policies of the Law Firm Direct-A. We are willing to do our best to justify our customers’ high confidence and comply with international legal service standards.

Our team of experts is capable of solving absolutely any tasks set—from ordinary registration of a legal entity to a complicated, in Russia, accounting procedure. High quality is the key measure of our activities.

Thorough analysis and knowledge of customer needs is a shield and sword of our firm, providing a system of legal and economic security to our customers.

Absolute confidentiality and care of customers are the standard of our strategy and corporate culture.

Direct-A is one of the strongest and most reliable companies offering legal services in St Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

As the wisdom from the Ancient Rome, the cradle of world law, says out of mouth of the poet of the great age of Caesar and August Publilius Syrus, "Ab Altero Expectes, Alteri Quod Feceris," i.e. “Do as you would be done by.” These winged words are the creed of our firm in relation to our dear customers.

Yours sincerely,

Law Firm Direct-A.

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