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Direct- A Company renders legal and accounting services both to Russian companies and foreign legal entities.
Our legal services can be divided into the following categories:

Drafting and analysis of contracts

Drafting of contracts

Nowadays, proper arrangement of contracts is half the battle for successful business results, a guarantee of stability and security of any entity pursuing business activity. Moreover, the glory, the laurels and easy money still keep on the alert most of the criminal world’s actors today.

According to statistical investigations, the most frequent of the criminal offenses, according to the number of committed crimes, is fraud directly related to incorrect arrangement or termination of contracts. The initial cause is improper drafting of contracts, which causes serious and usually irreparable problems leading to debilitating litigations.

Direct- A, a St.Petersburg company, assumes this challenging task upon itself, keeping you away from trouble, and bears full legal responsibility for all the consequences which we block juridically.

We offer services for directly the following contracts:
purchase and sale contract;
services rendering contract;
supply contract;
agency agreement;
contract of donation.

 Legal analysis of contracts

Legal analysis of a contract will keep you away from trouble, as we protect your interests and allow to settle any situation in your favor. We render services for drafting, compilation, analysis and expertise of documents.

Our lawyers will review your contract for compliance of its terms and conditions to the legislation, interpret in detail the legal meaning of the contract's essence, point at the violations contributing to subsequent arising of adverse and complicated situations, and will surely find the possible ways out, which would be needed in order to protect your interests and rights.

We can help you, before drawing up a contract, to determine:
the number and the essence of separate terms and conditions of the contract;
the list of items that are made in view of the enterprise’s specific activities;
important aspects of the contract (rights and obligations of the parties, liability of the parties under the contract, etc.);
the list of issues associated with the form of contract - one-term, extendable;
type of the contract taking into account your needs as those of the customer, and the requirements of current legislation of the Russian Federation;
level of detalization of some individual terms of the contract (confidentiality, force-majeure, etc.);
the type and conditions of the contract in terms of taxation optimization;
secondary documents for development and execution of the contract (appendices, authorizations, etc.);
 ways to minimize possible legal risks;
level of the parties’ responsibility for breach of the contract, if any.

Disputes between the entities

Preparation to beat back the real threats to the client consists in the following:
Consulting on the topical issues of the case in question;
assessment of the prospects of protecting the client's interests - minimum program / maximum program;
considering the possibility of pre-trial settlement of the conflict;
determination of the optimal purposes of legal protection in view of different (positive / negative) outcomes of the conflict.

Pre-trial proceedings

Legal aid in a situation of pre-trial conflict settlement consists in the following:
Analysis of the prospects of dispute on the basis of the information and documents submitted by the client,
getting ready to negotiate with the counterparty (a person or an institution that has assumed the obligations under the contract);
 compromise solution on the basis of the information received;
settlement of disputes in favor of the client, followed by conclusion of contract.

This situation (pre-trial settlement) is the most favorable and the best option for both parties in conflict, because it helps to avoid the debilitating litigations and save a great deal of time, money resources and keep emotions quiet. Such a release is guaranteed by timely applying to the lawyers of our company who are always standing for protection of your interests.

Judicial proceedings

Legal assistance in the situation of judgment is as follows:
pre-trial arrangements (study of materials on the case, situation analysis, development of proper tactics and strategy of work, collection of relevant evidence base);
preparation and filing of complaints on behalf of the applicant;
representation and securing the interests of the client/principal/ in the hearings at judicial proceedings;
preparation and filing of other legal documents for submission to court (applications, petitions, challenges (responses), complaints);
obtaining court’s judgment and writ of execution;
appealing against the court’s judgment.

Arbitration in St. Petersburg is one of the most demanded services, where the first violin is played by the arbitration attorney who must solve any case in favor of the client, and has to do it within the shortest term possible. "Direct-A" Company possesses great experience in such fields as arbitration, so, if you need a lawyer, calling our company will be the best solution possible.

Disputes arising on the issues of business or commercial activities between business entities, governmental agencies or other persons and bodies, and which need to be settled in court, are considered by arbitration courts at various levels.

We offer services for representation in arbitration court, regarding various kinds of disputes: in the field of land relations and real estate, construction industry, investments, on the issues of lease, disputes with various state institutions and municipal authorities, bankruptcy and collection of debt receivables. Our company's lawyers, who are the true professionals in their field, are the representatives with whose assistance your chances of winning the case dramatically increase, even if the situation seems quite hopeless.

Arbitration disputes with state authorities require professional skills of the highest level and proper education. We are ready to offer representation in the arbitration court to our clients on the matters involving unlawful decisions of tax authorities, customs bodies or the Anti-Monopoly Service, and decisions of any other governmental bodies.

St. Petersburg is a city with intense Brownian motion, where, sooner or later, it is simply impossible not to be faced by the need in qualified legal assistance. If you experience a problem that can not be solved in private, and which requires intervention of law servant, do not hesitate to contact the specialists of "Direct-A" company.

Legal services for representation in court by the "Direct-A" company will significantly improve the effectiveness of protection of your interests and the effectiveness of trial.